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Bright minds go to camp to escape the ordinary and collectively pioneer change.

Offsite invites the brightest entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to take part in a carefully curated and thoughtfully designed experience. To satisfy our inherent need to recharge and our desire to learn and grow, we’ve created the perfect environment to connect, collaborate and unwind.

We fiercely believe in the power of camp. At camp, we learned social responsibility, self-empowerment and uninhibited creativity. Most importantly, camp built the foundation for lasting relationships.


Kyle Westaway

Author of Profit & Purpose, Managing Partner at Westaway

Jessica Beck

COO & Co-founder at Hello Alfred

Raan Parton

Co-founder & Creative Director of Apolis

Sandi MacPherson

Founder at Quibb

Sam Rosen

Founder and CEO of MakeSpace

Caterina Rizzi

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer at Breather

Craig Dubitsky

Founder & CEO at Hello Products

Jonathan Basker

Founder & CEO at Basker & Co

Jess Davis

Founder at Folk Rebellion

Catherine Clifford

Senior writer at

Kate Bednarski

Chief Experience Officer at Live in the Grey

David Spinks

CEO of CMX Media

Maggie Spicer

Founder & Chief Creative Officer at WHISK

Brad Lande

CEO at Live in the Grey

Danya Shults

Community & Talent Builder

Elizabeth Tobey

Head of Community Engagement at Medium

Nicole Cardoza

Founder & CEO at Yoga Foster

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Offsite campers will rediscover what it means to truly create and connect offline at our breathtaking private estate just 70-miles from NYC, but deep in the scenic heart of the Hudson Valley. Join us on this journey back to summer camp, where intellectual, personal and professional growth are limitless.

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